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aka Robert Goodwin

Hello. I make freeware hybrid games for niche audiences, often with a mixed Western and Japanese influence.

(in development)

Can't tell you about it yet. It will be ambitious, very ambitious....

A Hint of a Tint

Narrative is as important as gameplay in this graphical roguelike; it's the most tightly constructed plot I've written. The game tries to be friendly and easy to manage for players lacking experience with roguelikes. I tried to court the casual audience with a genre that normally appeals to the hardcore audience and ended up winning neither over.

Windows only (for the last time, I swear).

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

One fine day I was struck by the crazy hypothetical vision of a dating simulation that users could add new characters to endlessly, and decided the thing had to happen. The screenshot shows a scene written by and showcasing two characters created by one author, appearing together with a character created by a different author. The way in which authors have been building off of not only story and characters created by me but story and characters created by each other has been a pleasant surprise; fanfiction taken to the next level!

Windows only.


I was halfway through writing another piece of interactive fiction (keep telling myself I'll finish it some day!) when I discovered RPG Maker. From that point on, the otaku side of me as a game developer has more or less been in control :P This undertaking reinforced to me the importance of niche markets in that the players who have enjoyed it seem to have enjoyed it a lot, though the game remains fairly obscure. It was inspired by an even more obscure game called Idol Project on the pc-98 in Japan.

Windows only.

Three Monkeys One Cage

This short and brutally difficult text-based puzzle game kills off the player over and over until he can figure out the complete solution. It ain't for everyone, if anyone.

Windows only and requires Adrift Runner version 4.

The PK Girl

My first publicly released game was interactive fiction, and it had its fans and its critics. I look back at it now with a mixture of embarrassment and pride. Embarrassment because I wasn't so amazing of a writer. Pride because it attempted something which hadn't been done before and perhaps hasn't been done since on (by IF standards) a large and complex scale -- the union of "dating sim" tropes with a text parser.

Windows only and requires Adrift Runner version 4.

Feb 14, 2013

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